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MUJI Is Love

   Back in the early 90s, my cousin sent me a package filled with nondescript-looking items from Japan. It contained writing pads, pencils, notebooks, even socks and delicates fashioned in a very discreet, no-label and minimalist style. In the age of excessive, more-is-more, Versace-esque sensibilities that was the 90s, this unobstrusive label was a welcome change from all that. Thus started my love affair with all things MUJI.

  Imagine my excitement upon hearing the good news that MUJI will be opening a flagship store here in Manila. I was fortunate enough to take a sneek-peek yesterday before MUJI opens its door to the public tomorrow. And what I saw was heaven.

It's really here!

Upon entering the floor area, I managed to stay calm, though what I felt inside was an entirely different story. Three things entered my mind when I got in:
1.) You don't have to fly out of the country for your MUJI fix.
2.) You can now buy the large items here without having to think of the logistical nightmare of having to fly them back home.
3.) Craving for the MUJI munchies is a skip and hop away.

I was going around the floor area and took photos of what they have in store. So far, so good..

Do find the time to check it out. It's right on top of the Gap flagship store on Bonifacio High Street.
Oh, and do prepare to swipe*.You simply cannot leave the store with just one item.
See You!
*I mean the credit card, silly! Just make sure the card is yours, ok? (a blind item that merits an entire entry. :-P).


The Shoebox

 I live in a very compact unit. But I love the orientation of my apartment because, unlike other units where the first thing that will immediately greet you is the kitchen, it has ample room for pockets of space for the kitchen and the laundry area. But what I love about my apartment is my room. 
It's really miniscule, but I still get to decorate it  the way I want it. Very spartan, though I still need a few things. hehe. My late sister once said, "A room should at least be beautiful at all angles, big or small".
The Door (plus detail):

What's inside:

Candles on the floor and other doodads:


Are you A Gay?

Chickboy nga eh...


 This just in.
The loot box from the benefactor.


I wanted the white one, though. I got the black. :-(
Lovett still.
Mille grazzie!

My virtual bookshelf

Thought I'd share with you my virtual bookshelf powered by Shelfari.
I'd love to upload all my books on this shelf, but it's gonna take a while to do that.
In the meantime, just browse and enjoy my partial list.


How old is this midget?!?

He plays the ukies so well, it's hard to imagine that he's just a toddler.

sour grape

Let's just say that this is a hair-pulling incident that went terribly wrong. hehe...


Designer: AYQIDO by Manuela Erinaard [contact]

It's not too often that you come across a fashion label that's extraordinarily original, but AYQIDO is just that--truly unique. Created by Manuela Erigaard of Antwerp, Belgium, AYQIDO is part of STUDIO AYQIDO, a multidisciplinary studio encompassing fashion, photography and audiovisuals. The studio draws themes from traditional Japanese martial arts and the urban lifestyle, successfully pairing opposing influences like the hypermodern city of Tokyo with the ancient Zen gardens of Kyoto.

In the same sense, AYQIDO, the fashion label, aims to achieve a similar aesthetic and ethos as the larger studio in which it represents. Drawing inspiration from timeless and durable martial arts clothing, the label is in constant search for an oasis of balance and simplicity in the chaotic urban lifestyle. Describing her design process, Manuela says, “we always try to minimize the designs so they are free of unnecessary details, creating an impression of simplicity.” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as they say, and Manuela certainly learned from the best, working with Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons, and Yohji Yamamoto throughout her career. Find out more about STUDIO AYQIDO here.

source: Tailored Society



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